Eating Disorder Awareness Week (February 27th-March 5th)

This week (February 27th-March 5th) marks the annual Eating Disorder Awareness Week where we recognize the struggle of eating disorders and disordered eating and bring awareness to the prevalence and signs of eating disorders.

This year’s theme celebrates Strength through Experience and Knowledge by recognizing that It’s Time for a Change.  So often, those with eating disorders struggle in secret while the effects of the disorder lead to health and life changes.  Eating disorders have the second highest death rate for all mental illnesses second only to opioid use.

New Year Resolutions

This is the time of year where many of us will look at what is important and what commitments we want to make in the New Year of 2023.    In the midst of this, health and wellbeing goals are some of the top goals, many of which include diets and weight loss.  According to a survey by Statista the top three resolutions for 2023 are exercise, eat healthier, and lose weight.   All around us, there are ads for diets, exercise programs, supplements, and wellness.