May is Mental Health Awareness Month! #morethanenough

It’s Mental Health Awareness Month! The #morethanenough campaign is going strong with the help of NAMI (National Alliance of Mental Illness) and with today’s social climate, we can’t help but think this is a great reminder for all of us.

Here at Personal Balance Counseling, we know you matter and recognize you are #morethanenough even when you don’t believe it. We often find low self-esteem and beliefs like “I’m unlovable” and “I’m unworthy of happiness” stem from the world around us. We’re here to remind you that you can’t believe everything you think!

Low self-esteem, often resulting from negative core beliefs, can make anxiety worse, exacerbate moods, and lead to a sense of hopelessness and unhappiness; directly affecting your mental health.

Negative core beliefs are rigid beliefs a person holds over time that influence how they view the world and themselves and typically have very little evidence to support themselves. Ultimately, negative core beliefs aren’t true! These beliefs often develop through adverse childhood experiences, invalidation from adults, and unhelpful thinking patterns. Think TRAUMA! Trauma can impact a person in several ways including aiding in the development of negative core beliefs.

When we are living our life with low self-esteem and negative core beliefs, we may see the world as depressing and waiting for “the other shoe to drop,” we may engage in self sabotaging behaviors, and we might act out our anxiety.

Who wants to live like that?! Truthfully, nobody! Unfortunately, challenging a negative core belief is difficult and uncomfortable. We have to remind ourselves every day that we can’t always believe what we think and we are #morethanenough.

Look forward to our next post on Challenging a Negative Core Belief!

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