diet & nutritional counseling

Chalkboard image on food representing PBC's dietary and nutritional counseling.

Diet & Nutritional Counseling is a personalized approach to helping you establish and adopt a healthier diet and nutritional lifestyle.  Our trained clinicians work with you to understand where you are today in terms of your lifestyle, medical conditions and dietary habits.  As a result, we define the approaches and action plans to meet your goals of achieving a balanced lifestyle and an improved quality of life.  

People participate in Diet & Nutritional Counseling for many reasons. The reasons range from needing to completely revamp their dietary practices, to managing ongoing medical conditions or chemical dependencies. Many times, people are simply fine-tuning food choices to improve their everyday living. 

Whether engaging in Diet & Nutritional Counseling by itself or complementing it with other PBC counseling services, finding one’s personal balance and improving quality of life is a continuous and focused effort.  Refinements to personal goals, constant exploration and learning of self and skills for managing everyday challenges is a life-long pursuit.

Personal Balance Counseling’s mission is to help people find their personal balance!