Setting Boundaries During the Holiday

Do you often feel rushed or anxious during the holidays? Hopping from one family party to the next? Getting the spotlight questions about your love life at the dinner table while everyone chows down on the holiday ham? Political debates?

Family gatherings can be physically and emotionally exhausting. Throw your partner or kids into the mix, the holidays can become juggling the expectations or traditions of multiple families – it can get rough. So how do we manage the demands and creating room for new customs of our own? Setting boundaries. Boundary setting allows you to feel comfortable, set limits to what you feel comfortable being involved in and allows you to have more freedom to make choices that are right for you. Boundaries are about setting limits that are right for you. Boundaries can be liberating, powerful and the best form of self-care.

Self-Compassion: Do you talk to yourself as you talk to your friends?

“Treat those around you as you would like to be treated.”

That golden rule we have all known and heard of. But how often do we apply the same rule to ourselves?

It was 9:15 and I had an appointment that started in 10 minutes. My alarm went off but I on today of all days I snoozed it. I quickly threw on some yoga pants, ran a brush through my hair and while looking at myself in the mirror that bully that I know all too well started to appear.