Your Body: Value vs. Goals

Your best friends just texted you to see if you’d like to go to dinner, but you’re on week 2 of your quest to lose 30 lbs in three months. Your goal has become your obsession and fixation over the past 14 days, and you know that you will break your calorie intake for the day if you go. You’ve worked too hard to let up off the gas now. So, you reply “no” and decide to do another intense workout instead, all while wishing that you could have gone. 

Using Your Body as an Ally to Work with Stress

You know what it feels like. Your heart is pounding, hands are shaking, and sweat is dribbling down the sides of your face.  To some, it may feel like clenching fists, increased heat in the face and body, or a tightened jaw. Despite these physical sensations attributing to different emotions, the reality remains the same.  You are entering a state of body crisis. This is a state where you become emotionally overloaded with stress. To better understand how to work with this uncomfortable experience, it’s best to first identify what we’re working with.